The amount of time you spend in your house is enormous. Why not give yourself, your family and friends the best time when you are there?

In order to make yourself and others feel good in your home, it needs to be well lid. Of course, there are tons of elements in the mix but lighting is an often overlooked source to a better and sweeter life.

To find light sources is incredibly easy. IKEA, Ilva, and several hardware stores have tons of options when it comes to lighting but that is only a part of the way. The key to an even better life is even better light.

Think about it; if you already have couches, beds, ovens and many other necessities in your home in good quality, why shouldn’t that apply to lighting? And, luckily, it is not that hard to come across. They have a wide range of many different kinds of lamps of amazing quality and inspiring aesthetics.

Some of the most recommendable lighting sources in their assortment are the big range of Louis Poulsen lamps (Affiliate Link). They both have a very distinct and beautiful design making them a center of attention in any room they are hanged in, and they also have timeless touch, which means that they can be in your home for many years to come without you becoming tired of them.

pendant lamp

With the proper lamps and light bulbs in your home your other furniture can also look even better. When has the egg by Arne Jacobsen not looked even nicer in the glow from a PH 5 Pendant Hues Of Red by Louis Poulsen?

Another great element that lamps contain more than other kinds of interior is a more accessible kind of nostalgia. When you want to pass some of your belongings on to your kids, they might want a sofa or a coffee table, but at some point they realize that a couch doesn’t really have a nice smell to it after standing in the same room for 20 years, and the coffee table has become a bit uneven. A lamp, on the other hand, pretty much stays the same. It hangs gently from the ceiling, does not smell weird but instead contains great memories when being looked at. Memories from the childhood home that can last for many years after.

The investment is, obviously, bigger than an IKEA lamp but there is no doubt that a lamp isn’t just a lamp. And when a lamp can last a lifetime why not find a really nice one?